A march pop up shop amid monumental change.

A March pop up shop amid monumental change.


The Again with Love March pop up shop opened in City Square shopping centre, Waterford city, on Thursday 12th March. On that day Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced to the nation the introduction of new measures to attempt to safeguard us from the coronavirus, Covid-19. Schools and colleges were to close with immediate effect. Suddenly life changed, changed beyond that type of change that had previously been demanded by so many. The theme of my last post was “change”, but this crept up on us when we were not looking, this meant monumental change. Each day since then we are being urged to change almost everything about how we live our lives in order to prevent deaths from this virus that is sweeping our world.

On Thursday 12th March we were facing into the unknown, what should we do now in the face of this crisis? Should we close or should we stay open? Taking what precautions were considered necessary and appropriate, we did open on Thursday 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March but did not open on Sunday 15th March. Some shoppers did venture into our City Square pop up shop. They found a minute to buy a Kate Spade handbag or an MK purse, a second to fall in love with a Ted Baker blazer or to match a pair of Michael Kors ankle boots with a never worn Avalon dress and much more… There was less time for browsing but some beautiful pre-loved items went happily to another wardrobe. (I have contacted our lovely consignors who had sales from their closets and lodged the appropriate sum into their accounts)

Shoppers are optimistic people, dreamers, full of hope for the future. Thank you to all of you who visited our pop-up shop in City Square, it was wonderful to talk to you and to assist you. Thank you for all the positive feedback and the wave of encouragement we received urging us to continue doing what we are doing. We would love to return to Waterford’s main shopping centre when these challenging times pass. Until that time comes, our Again with Love warehouse is temporarily closed. We cannot send out or process Clear out kits or plan any future pop up shops. We must supercharge our optimism and keep positive in order to survive.

Those who wish to sing, always find a song.