Look good and do good this November


Look good and do good this November

We are ready to pop up again. We are visiting charming Carlow town on Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November 2019. We will be opening wide the door of No. 27 Tullow St., in the heart of Carlow town, to welcome in all who wish to shop and save. When you shop at Again with Love you are doing something positive for you and for our environment. By selling your pre-loved clothes, and by buying pre-loved you are extending the life cycle of each garment. You are saving it from ending its life prematurely in a landfill. It is estimated that one truck full of clothes is burned or landfilled every second (World Bank’s World Development Indicators)

Vogue Magazine quoted stats from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation which would nearly make you want to hide under a rock and hope that when you’d crawl out somebody somewhere somehow would have solved mother earth’s woes. The main point being made is that Fashion is one of the major contributors to pollution in our air and oceans. Read on “the textile industry will add 22 million tonnes of microfibres in the ocean by 2050 and will also increase its share of the carbon budget from 2% to 26%. In essence, we will be eating and breathing our own clothes.” Message received, let’s do something about it.

We can change our attitude and our behaviour when it comes to buying and selling clothes. We can become conscious consumers of fashion by doing the small things, by respecting the value of clothes always aiming to extend their life cycle. The small steps count, we are powerful when we work together. Come on, let’s celebrate the positive and remain dedicated followers of fashion by becoming conscious consumers of fashion. You can do good and look good.

Spread the word, November 21st, 22nd and 23rd – join us in Carlow town!


With love,