How much can I earn?

The payout that you'll receive for any given item is based on the final selling price of the item.

Our payout structure is based on the following table;

Listing Price       Payout to Consignor                 

< €49.99              50%

€50 -  €99.99       60%

€100 - €199.99    70%

€200 + -               80%

You get paid after the item sells. You receive the proceeds less our commission for managing the process as described in the table above. 

We price the items according to the suggested range provided on your consignment form along with market and item condition variables. We will adjust the price accordingly in order to make a sale. 

You may contact us at if you change your mind and wish to order a reclaim bag. We will price at our discretion with the aim of getting the consignor as much as possible on payout.

Notes for your high/low reference scale on your form;

  • You may not price the item higher than the original estimated retail price
  • The higher the price, the less likely the item is to sell
  • Again with love reserves the right to modify pricing changes and discount the item if it is not selling

Items listed for sale on consignment are subject to promotions and discounts to help encourage a sale.